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  2. Soliti Turns Three: Congratulations & Commiserations (Soliti 026)

    In case you missed this, in June we released a free for download 8 track compilation, featuring unreleased & rare tracks from the majority of the Soliti roster: Soliti Turns Three features Ghost Of Jack NanceBlack LizardPrince of AssyriaDelay TreesGim KordonAstrid SwanBlack Twig & The New Tigers.

    You can grab the compilation from the link below, or alternatively find it from:





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  3. Delay Trees - Future

    Video for the song Future from the album “Doze”. Buy it here: http://solitimusic.com/product/delay-…

    Edited with random footages shot during Delay Trees’ show in Tampere, Finland on 26 Oct, 2012.

    Additional camera work by Sami Korhonen.
    Last October, I traveled to Finland to catch Delay Trees perform in Tampere and casually mentioned of making a video from footages from that night. We didn’t know to which song at the time nor had any plan/concept for the video - I just documented four affable lads in their conviviality.

    (Source: youtube.com)


  4. SOLITIFEST 30.08.2014, HELSINKI




  6. Big Wave Riders - Life Is Art, You Wonder

    From the album “Life Less Ordinary”.
    Buy it here: http://solitimusic.com/product/big-wa…

    Dir & Edit Teppo Meriläinen & Patrick Lindholm
    Camera - Antti Linko, Pyry Kovanen, Patrick Lindholm
    Monday Digital

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  7. Cats on Fire



  9. The New Tigers @H2Ö


  10. Soliti is proud to announce the reissue of one of our favourite album’s, Sister Flo’s Tragician’s Hat.
    Tragician’s Hat has been cited as one of the landmark’s of Finnish indiepop, this timely release gives you the chance to fall in love again. Sister Flo’s masterpiece is turning 10 years old this September and to celebrate the occasion, on the 12th September 2014, Soliti will be issuing a remastered version of the album.