1. Sister Flo in Karonkka life


  2. firstklassriot:

    The New Tigers - World’s Greatest Actor (Live)

    Head to Soliti for a free album celebrating their 3rd anniversary as Helsinki’s most rocking band.


  3. Sister Flo: Tragician’s Hat Anniversary Edition (Soliti Retro 001)

    HS.fi “Timeless”

    Soundi 5/5

    Desibeli 5/5

    Sue 10/10

    Album Of The Week Radio Helsinki

    Austin Town Hall Those of you who long for the days of Grandaddy and the like will find yourself absolutely in love” 

    Even The Stars “If there were any justice in the world, Tragician’s Hat would be recognised worldwide as a classic album of its time”

    One Chord "After all, Sister Flo’s Tragician’s Hat is a masterpiece and one of my all-time favourite albums."

    Nordic Playlist make sure to indulge in the unmistakable sounds of Sister Flo by getting a hold of Tragician’s Hat Anniversary Edition as soon as you can!”

    Ja Ja Ja gentle and psychedelic and just a little bit sad too”




  5. sevensummers:

    The New Tigers - Keep Cool Record Store Day 10” release drops on the 19th April 2014



  6. pixelina:

    I randomly stumbled upon this Finnish record label Soliti and found this gem! What great post punk, lo-fi, darkness from Ghost Of Jack Nance.



    Black Twig‘s Halfways, the opening track from sophomore album Heliogram, delivers dream like states of ringing guitar notes and punctuated rhythm (and yes the guitar break is pure Loaded). A looping chord sequence moves to the left and then right, but returns to the elegant motoric jangle. Johanna Heikkilä‘s film creates the perfect accompaniment to Halfways. The 1990′s home footage rarely varies, but creates it’s own altered state of repetition, comparable to Warhol‘s beach voyeurism combined with the jump/cut glitch of experimentation.

    Black Twig continues to walk the tightrope between harmony and visceral distortion, satiating feral and cerebral urges without the overindulgence on Heliogram.” Autumn Andel, Prefix Magazine
    Heliogram is available here

    Upcoming Black Twig dates
    26.09. Gloria, Helsinki
    27.09. Bar Kuka, Turku (+DJ Mr Kimono)




  9. austintownhall:

    floRecently I posted about the Finnish legend, Sister Flo, trying to get some love for the band in honor of the group releasing Tragician’s Hat on its 10 Year Anniversary…it features a whole disc of unreleased tunes. But, one tune that was lost to the world that unfortunately didn’t…


  10. Delay Trees - Steady (Official DIY Music Video)

    Delay Trees Readymade album has found a very welcoming audience worldwide, recognizing the band’s own distinctive take on dream pop textures whilst nudging experimental borders. Steady personifies this approach to the max, an intense, metronomic build up grows into Rami Vierula’s laconic, dreamy vocals. Just as Steady feels like it disappears the track erupts into cacophonous drum fills whilst retaining it’s steady (sic) ring.

    Steady’s video reveals the origins of Readymade’s album cover design. It’s been much commented on, and is almost iconic amongst our album sleeves. The Readymade album cover is often compared to Peter Saville‘s design for New Order‘s Temptation single. To be contrary to this line of thought, a precarious cycle ride reveals inspiration sometimes comes from the most mundane surroundings, where accidents lead to coincidences.

    The video was made by Delay Trees bass player Sami Korhonen. A one take effort with no edits, riding the bike and filming with a smartphone in one hand! Sami also designed Readymade‘s sleeve.

    Readymade (Soliti 019) is available direct from us via our Soliti Shop in Vinyl & CD formats (each order comes with immediate album download) http://solitimusic.com/product/delay-…
    or a direct digital download in various file size from our Bandcamp page (5€) http://delaytrees.bandcamp.com/


    (Source: youtube.com)