Black Lizard

    Fresh from their London show at the Macbeth last weekend, Black Lizard still have some unfinished business this Autumn. The band will be visiting Kuopio,  Hamburg,  Paris, Loimaa,  Tampere and Belgium in their coming shows….Black Lizard‘s debut album gets a UK /German release in October.

    21.09. Henry’s Pub, Kuopio
    26-28.09. Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, GER
    03.10. Helsinki Mon Amour, Paris, FRA
    12.10. Bar Edgars, Loimaa
    18.10. Lost in Music Festival, Tampere
    30.11. Yellowstock Winterfest, Geel, BE

    The New Tigers

    This Friday (20th Sept.) sees the release of The New Tigers second full length album The Badger. To celebrate in style the band have a couple of album release shows (one in Helsinki and one in hometown Turku). The Badger is streaming all this week at Rosvot.

    28.9. Helsinki, Kuudes Linja
    18.10. Turku, Dynamo
    25.10. Madrid, Spain (Dias Nordicos)
    15.11. Tampere, Doris
    27.11. Helsinki, Le Bonk (with Black Twig)

    Astrid Swan

    Just announced last week was the fifth album by Astrid Swan,  Astrid4,  which gets a release date via Soliti on the 25th Oct. Shows are being lined up as we type, but the Helsinki record release show is now confirmed for November. Listen to lead single Four Months To Kill.

    15.11. Korjaamo Vintti, Helsinki

    Black Twig

    Working on their new album, Black Twig describe themselves their forthcoming Finnish/Norwegian dates in November “Hi! We’ve been busy working on the new album, but there’s a couple of shows coming up – two of them in the lovely country of Norway…. and one with The New Tigers, the reelin’ & rockin’ quartet from Turku, Finland!!!”

    27.11. Le Bonk, Helsinki (+ The New Tigers)
    29.11. Lyden Av Norden @ Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen (NO)
    30.11. Revolver, Oslo (NO)

    Big Wave Riders

    Fresh from their  first leg (Finnish dates) dates with Estonian band Tallinn Daggers, Big Wave Riders play a Helsinki show this week before heading to Estonia to play the second half of their Finland/Estonia dates.

    19.09. Bar Loose, Helsinki (+ Yast)
    25.10. Von Krahl bar, Tallinn, EST (+ Tallinn Daggers)
    26.10. Club Genialistid, Tartu, EST (+ Tallinn Daggers)

    Delay Trees

    With a new album ready and coming your way in the new year (expect a single soon), Delay Trees warm up for the very good and likeable bands Waxahatchee and Swearin‘ when they visit Finland at the end of October.

    31.10. Kuudes Linja, Helsinki (+ Waxahatchee + Swearin’)


    Paperfangs play new electronic-indie club Sähköä- Klubi which happens at the almost legendary Lepakkomies. Sähköä have been putting on some good nights in Tampere and this is the first Helsinki club night.

    02.10. Sähköä-klubi @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (+ Aprox & Freeweights) 

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