1. It’s been a busy week at Soliti, a quick recap:

    Gim Kordon sign to Soliti and share Ei ole helppoo (early demo version)

    Black Lizardwin the best domestic newcomers of 2013 as voted by industry professionals, the band play Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg next week…

    Dates For Your Diary included new shows for Black Twig(in Norway) The New Tigers (record release shows & Spain) & BIG WAVE RIDERS (upcoming shows in Estonia)

    The New Tigersalbum The Badger was released yesterday (20th), picking up more great reviews, streaming at Rosvot on the way and being Radio Helsinki's album of the week

    Astrid Swan picks her current fave sounds via Rumba as new single Four Months To Kill spreads around the net

    Follow Soliti on tumblr, we just got our 300th follower

    Have a great weekend.xoxo 

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