1. Soliti news roundup

    Delay Trees announced new album Readymade and issued the first single, the very much liked Perfect Heartache

    Black Lizard played the Ja Ja Ja Festival in London, you can watch the whole show online. The band are confirmed for next years Eurosonic

    …Soliti were also on hand for the Nordic Label Market at the inaugural Ja Ja Ja Festival, all the nordic labels being hand picked by Simon Raymonde of Bella Union 

    Big Wave Riders played the great Bar I Love You in Riga, Latvia at the weekend

    A Ltd edition Gim Kordon T shirt is available from Stupido Shop Record Store

    A busy week for Astrid Swan saw her brand new video released for single Four Months To Kill, various interviews appear in the Finnish media, some great reviews and the first leg of her tour to promote new album Astrid4, including the album launch show in Helsinki

    The New Tigers continued their dates in support of The Badger album with a show opening for UK legends Wire, which causes Rumba magazine to declareThe New Tigers are the best guitar group in the land”

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