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  3. BEST OF 2013

    Ville (Cats on fire, New Tigers)

    Favorite new albums/ep:s 2013:

    Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Dreamzone (ep)
    Julia Holter: Loud City Song
    J Tolvi: Kuinka kehtaatte
    The Pastels: Slow Summits
    Tsembla: Nouskaa henget
    Kurt Vile: Waking On A Pretty Daze
    Barry Andrewsin Disko – Akku loppu, eväät syöty (ep)
    Austra: Olympia
    Prefab Sprout: Crimson/Red
    Christopher Owens: Lysandre

    Favorite old albums 2013:

    Holy Shit: Stranded At Two Harbours
    Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blue
    Maher Shalal Hash Baz: From A Summer to Another Summer
    Linda Perhacs: Parallelograms
    Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians
    The Doors: Waiting For the Sun
    Carly Simon: Anticipation
    Brian Eno: Discreet Music
    The Durutti Column: (several albums)
    John Coltrane : Ascension

    Favorite new songs 2013:

    Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht: Hang On To Life
    Maja Gödicke: Ligga Still
    Foxygen: San Francisco
    Connan Mockasin: I’m The Man That Will Find You
    Jacco Gardner: The End of August
    Prefab Sprout: The Best Jewel Thief in the World
    Dean Blunt: The Redeemer
    Part Time: I Want to Go
    Håkan Hellström: Valborg
    Julianna Barwick: One Half

    Favorite old songs 2013:

    Buffalo Springfield: Expecting to Fly
    D.R. Hooker: Forge Your Own Chains
    Talking Heads: Listening Wind
    Eddie Murphy: Party All the Time
    Can: Tango Whiskeyman
    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: The Smell of Incense
    Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: Immune to Emotion
    Glenn Gould: 4 Ballades, Op. 10: No 1 in D minor ”Edward Ballade” – Andante
    Hieroglyphic Being: A Visitor From Someone Else’s Memory
    Nicolette Larson: Lotta Love
    Hall & Oates: I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)

    Ville’s selections in a Spotify Playlist



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  4. Videos 2013

    Cats On Fire - The Sea Within You

    The Sea Within You from the album “All Blackshirts To Me”.

    Purchase the album here: http://solitimusic.com/product/cats-on-fire-all-blackshirts-to-me/


    Series of signals, visible marks — so wrong to assume there was light in the dark

    An owl, an alley cat, a hermit crab

    We say there was nothing that we could’ve done — a silent lie when we need one

    You’re brought back here to your ancestral home


    Go on tell me, I really want to know, through the sunlight, through the snow

    Yes, tell me now, did you do it according to plans?


    And who would start believing in this too late hour

    I lay my flower, I hide my dirty face


    And whom did I know?

    An owl, a hermit crab, an alley cat


    And we saw all the signals saw all the marks — so why assume there was light in the dark?

    Shell cracked open, pearl was black

    And we try hard to think it was nobody’s fault — means we don’t want to be human at all

    You’re brought back here along with the things you owned


    So go on tell me, I really want to know, through the sunlight, through the snow

    Tell me now, was it in the heat of the moment?


    Who would start believing in this too late hour

    I lay my flower, I hide my dirty face


    And whom did i know?

    An owl, a hermit crab, an alley cat

    Shell cracked open, pearl was black




    Video by Appu Jasu.


    The Sea Within You is from the album “All Blackshirts to Me”, 2012.





    First Published 26th March 2013


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  6. Cats On Fire:  04.12.2013 Unplugged In Monti – Blackmarket, Rome, ITALY

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  7. News round up:

    Astrid Swan's Astrid4 is released in Finland (25th Oct)…Helsinki record release show happens on the 15th November...

    Big Wave Riders played the 2nd leg of their joint dates with Tallinn Daggers in Estonia last week

    Prince Of Assyria's Annika single available for stream/download

    Gim Kordon play the Spine Magazine awards in Helsinki last weekend, next show with Superchunk in December.

    Cats On Fire played QueerIndie event in Stockholm last weekend, head to Italy next month

    Black Lizard and Soliti head to the Roundhouse in London next week for the Ja Ja Ja Nordic Festival

    Delay Trees news coming soon, they played last week with Waxahatchee & Swearin' in Helsinki

    The New Tigers are back from Spain and play with UK post punk stalwarts Wire this week in Helsinki


  8. Cats On Fire Upcoming shows

    Cats on fire play a Stockholm show in November (duo performance) before heading off to Italy for a series of Italian shows in December

    2.11. Studio 124, Stockholm, Sweden (Ville and Mattias as a duo)
    04.12. Unplugged In Monti – Blackmarket, Rome, ITA
    05.12. Lanificio, Napoli, ITA
    06.12. La Mela di Newton, Padua, ITA
    07.12. Ligera, Milan, ITA
    08.12. Mattatoio, Carpi, ITA


  9. Soliti news round up from last week….

    last weekend saw The New Tigers play their album launch show in Helsinki…

    ….whilst Black Lizard played shows in Hamburg & Paris…got a remix from Weapons…ahead of this week where their debut album gets a UK & German release….

    .Astrid Swan's Astrid4 album becomes available for pre-orderFour Months To Kill makes Ylex’s Viikon Tehot...she announces new shows…and creates a plalylist for Yle.fi/Mussikii….

    ...Cats On Fire announce a Tour Of Italy In December 2013…

    Gim Kordon reveal more volumes of their excellent 7” Jukebox...

    …and we prepare you for big news next week….


  10. Cats on Fire Tour d’Italia 2013

    Ciao a tutti! We will tour in Italy in December. These are the affected cities and venues:

    04/12 ROMA, Unplugged In Monti – Blackmarket
    05/12 NAPOLI, Lanificio
    06/12 PADOVA, La Mela di Newton
    07/12 MILANO, Pop Days – Ligera
    08/12 CARPI, Mattatoio

    We are extremely happy to get on the road again. And, what’s even better, we could get on any old road, because, as you know, all roads lead to…

    Cats on Fire have some history in Italy. Our first ever concert outside the Nordic countries was in fact in Modena, Italy. That went a bit wrong, for everybody involved. All of us arrived in Modena having paid extra fees at the airport, a routine which I consider naming the Old RyanAir Tango. Then we found out that the festival venue had been closed down by the police. The organizers manage to move the festival to a different venue, but what they didn’t manage was regulating the alcohol consumption among the Scandi artists that were supposed to play. They just put the liquor bottles on a table, out in the open! Surely they must know you can’t just do it like that. We were definitely not among the worst participants in the bacchanalia that included vomiting, falling behind toilets, ambulance personnel. Scandinavian people are easy to deal with, as long as you hide the bottles, for Christ’s sake. The organizers just shook their heads and said they thought the behaviour was strange and disrespectful. Yes, but you brought it on yourselves.

    via Cats On Fire