Big Wave Riders released their debut EP through Soliti on the 7th September 2011 (Soliti 002) The EP got some great attention worldwide. The band have been working very hard on the follow up, their debut album, which will be released via Soliti in late August 2012. We’ve created a playlist from the EP, a Paperfangs remix and the first single from the forthcoming debut album Waiting In The Wings. Enjoy the BWR player.

    EP reviews : Desibeli 4/5 ,NRGM 68/100 ,The Youth Collective 9/10 ,Rumba 3/5
    Nordische Music 4/6 ,Nordis5/6

    “Waiting in the Wings”. In a simple three minute blast the Helsinki band crafts one of the most addictive songs I’ve ever heard. It’s equal parts pop punk, shoegaze, and indie pop, with a nice coat of mid-fi distortion to make it just that much sweeter.” Creative Intersection, USA