1. SOLITIFEST 30.08.2014

    More pics here & here


  2. SOLITIFEST, 30th August 2014

    Programme/Running Times:
    13:15 Big Wave Riders
    14:05 Delay Trees
    14:55 Astrid Swan (duo)
    15:45 Ghost Of Jack Nance
    16:35 Black Twig
    17:25 The New Tigers
    18:15 Prince Of Assyria
    19:05 Gim Kordon
    19:55 Black Lizard 

    The festival will take place at Konttiaukio, Helsinki. 

     Guest DJ sets from Rosvot.

    Oh yeah, and it’s free to get in.



  3. Artist : Astrid Swan

    Title : Hits (Pavement For Girls)

    (Soliti 001)

    Released: 2011

    4 BOX ELDER 
    9 HERE

    it’s totally awesome” Spin


  4. Astrid Swan: Four Months To Kill. Directed By Timo Wright.

    Astrid Swan returns with her 5th album Astrid4 via Soliti. Over a two-year period, a minimalist, dogmatic album of piano, horns and drums became full and blooming. Check out lead single Four Months to Kill, the perfect soundtrack to the wintery evenings.

    "I don’t care for the forest. Never been a nature creature really. I don’t go berry picking in August, I’m fine in the city. But a natural order began to outline itself in the concrete. There are black bears behind my closed eyes, wild deer hoofs in the night.For an unknown reason these creatures began to populate my mind even when I was awake. Suddenly Navaho indians interested me because of their ancient knowledge of the rhythm of life. And so, in the course of taking time and makingAstrid4, life and death appeared to me in the flesh." Astrid Swan

    Download/stream Download/stream Four Months To Kill: soundcloud.com/soliti/astrid-swan-four-m­onths-to

    For more Astrid Swan info:

    Timo Wright is a media artist and documentary film director. His works are mostly
    political and often consumer critical. For “Self-Portrait” he photographs everything he owns. “Race Code” was a computer based interactive installation that categorized the viewers by “race”. In “Our Feast with King Midas” a man sits in a video as a full table of food rots away around him.Wright has directed and shot several documentaries and he has been recently venturing into the world of music videos.

    Video directed by Timo Wright
    The cinematographer is Jarkko Virtanen and the editor Milla Piiroinen


    Lyrics and music by Astrid Swan
    April is the cruelest month
    April is the cruelest month
    it brings back to life the lust
    well buried in September
    You look like a beast
    yeah, you look like the same old beast
    well, I don’t care to ride to your villa for tea
    or to argue over the age-old
    I always said I’d leave you before
    you’d break my heart
    but that was me just talking
    cause I won’t escape at all
    April unveils me
    April buries the seed
    April is full of hope
    yet I don’t care to live up to it
    I’m drafting, I’m drafting
    I’m a self in rewriting
    but what’s unstabe
    is not me it’s my perception
    I always said I’d leave you before
    you’d break my heart
    but that was me just talking
    cause I won’t escape at all
    As You’ve let me down
    You’ve always had my face
    the failed old features
    grinning at me in the wrong place
    When I see the month of May
    if I see the fifth month
    When I see the month of May
    I’ll forgive you, I”ll forgive you
    I always said I’d leave you before
    you’d break my heart
    but that was me just talking
    cause I won’t escape at all

    (Source: youtube.com)


  5. Astrid Swan - Here

    Here is a video for Astrid Swan’s version of the Pavement song. The song can be found on her album Hits (Pavement for Girls). Buy it here: http://solitimusic.com/product/astrid…

    The video was made entirely by a new Finnish video making company Mondaydigital (Patrick Lindholm and Pyry Kovanen).

    (Source: youtube.com)



    Astrid Swan‘s latest album Astrid4 has been receiving fine notices in the German music media these last few weeks  and gets a full format release today (25.07). Find the album from the following outlets:





    Music Line




    Read these German Reviews:

    Westzeit 5/5


    Cd Starts 8/10

    Nordische-Musik 5/6

    Eclipsed 7/10



    Some other quotes: Clash “An expansive, sumptuously produced record…Shamelessly pop and outrageously ambitious”,
    Closewatch “With an utterly beguiling voice, Astrid Swan could well become the next sweetheart of audiophiles across the globe. ” All Scandinavian “her best work yet”

    Astrid Swan Astrid4 (Soliti 018)
    01 Nature Calling (listen)
    02 Four Months To Kill (listen)
    03 Yearning To Hold Still
    04 The Loon
    05 Rabbit Catcher
    06 Black Bear & A Hoofer (listen)
    07 A.R.I.Z.O.N.A
    08 Your Last Song

    Astrid Swan upcoming shows:

    09.08. Flow Festival, Helsinki
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki



  7. Astrid Swan

    Photos by Mikko Rasila




    Summertime and a few  of your favourite bands can be caught live in Finland this Summer.

    Astrid Swan

    After some time away with illness, we’re happy to announce that Astrid Swan has just been confirmed for Saturday 9th August at Flow Festival 2014, Helsinki as well as a duo appearance at SOLITIFEST

    9.08 Flow Festival, Helsinki
    30.08 SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Big Wave Riders

    Big Wave Riders have just started work on their second full length album. As well as their appearance at SOLITIFEST the band play Latvia’s much loved Positivus Festival this month (18.07)

    18.07. Positivus Festival, Salacgrīva, Latvia
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Black Lizard

    A new EP from Black Lizard will be arriving this summer (watch this space), but in the meantime you can catch the band at a series of Finnish Festivals (like Ilosaarirock this weekend) and some select club shows.

    12.07. Ilosaarirock Festival, Joensuu
    20.07. Wasteland Festival, Kouvola
    02.08. Tikkurila Fest, Tikkurila
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    14.09. 6. linja, Helsinki (+Pink Mountaintops)
    01.10. Malmitalo, Helsinki

    Black Twig 

    Black Twig‘s latest album Heliogram just got a German release last week, with a UK release on the horizon (i.e.later this year). Some shows are promised post summer, you can catch them at SOLITIFEST at the end of August.

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Delay Trees

    Delay Trees latest album Readymade landed in the UK last week, with an August release for the album in Germany. Catch the band at SOLITIFEST at the end of August.

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Ghost Of Jack Nance

    The latest signings to SolitiGhost of Jack Nance continue to tear it up with shows at SLOBFESTandSOLITIFEST. Look out for their debut EP for the label soon.

    11.07. SLOBFEST, Helsinki
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Gim Kordon

    Gim Kordon continue to woo the world with their TOP 20 album Ei Ole Helppoo. The band play a few more shows, including a Radio Helsinki Summer club show and a slot at  Flow Festival.

    18.07. Ääniwalli, Helsinki (+ Teksti-TV 666, The Liebelings)
    06.08. Radio Helsingin Kesäklubi, Bar Loose, Helsinki
    10.08. Flow Festival, Helsinki
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    The New Tigers

    There are rumors that The New Tigers have started work on album #3, so hopefully we’ll hear something soon. Amongst their shows this summer, The New Tigers appear at H2Ö Festival in Turku  this coming weekend.

    19.07. H2Ö, Turku 
    9.08. Kuutio- Kaupunkifestivaali , Kerava
    30.08. Solitifest, Helsinki

    Prince Of Assyria

    As well as being a late addition to SOLITIFESTPrince Of Assyria comes back to Finland this coming winter for some intimate shows. Latest album Changing Places see a European release this Autumn.

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    05.11. Le Bonk, Helsinki
    06.11. Telakka, Tampere
    08.11. Bar Kuka, Turku
    7.11. Friday I’m in Love!, After Eight, Pietarsaari

    Most of these artists can be found on our latest compilation, Soliti Turns Three: Congratulations & Commiserations, which you can stream & download from here

    SOLITIFEST event page is here


  10. Astrid Swan confirmed for Flow Festival