1. SOLITIFEST 30.08.2014

    More pics here & here


  2. SOLITIFEST, 30th August 2014

    Programme/Running Times:
    13:15 Big Wave Riders
    14:05 Delay Trees
    14:55 Astrid Swan (duo)
    15:45 Ghost Of Jack Nance
    16:35 Black Twig
    17:25 The New Tigers
    18:15 Prince Of Assyria
    19:05 Gim Kordon
    19:55 Black Lizard 

    The festival will take place at Konttiaukio, Helsinki. 

     Guest DJ sets from Rosvot.

    Oh yeah, and it’s free to get in.



  3. Black Twig, Debaser Slussen, Stockholm 2013.04.12

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  4. Black Twig

    soundchecking at Det Akademiske Kvarter / Lyden av Nordenin November 2013


  5. Black Twig

    photos Onni Nieminen



    Summertime and a few  of your favourite bands can be caught live in Finland this Summer.

    Astrid Swan

    After some time away with illness, we’re happy to announce that Astrid Swan has just been confirmed for Saturday 9th August at Flow Festival 2014, Helsinki as well as a duo appearance at SOLITIFEST

    9.08 Flow Festival, Helsinki
    30.08 SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Big Wave Riders

    Big Wave Riders have just started work on their second full length album. As well as their appearance at SOLITIFEST the band play Latvia’s much loved Positivus Festival this month (18.07)

    18.07. Positivus Festival, Salacgrīva, Latvia
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Black Lizard

    A new EP from Black Lizard will be arriving this summer (watch this space), but in the meantime you can catch the band at a series of Finnish Festivals (like Ilosaarirock this weekend) and some select club shows.

    12.07. Ilosaarirock Festival, Joensuu
    20.07. Wasteland Festival, Kouvola
    02.08. Tikkurila Fest, Tikkurila
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    14.09. 6. linja, Helsinki (+Pink Mountaintops)
    01.10. Malmitalo, Helsinki

    Black Twig 

    Black Twig‘s latest album Heliogram just got a German release last week, with a UK release on the horizon (i.e.later this year). Some shows are promised post summer, you can catch them at SOLITIFEST at the end of August.

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Delay Trees

    Delay Trees latest album Readymade landed in the UK last week, with an August release for the album in Germany. Catch the band at SOLITIFEST at the end of August.

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Ghost Of Jack Nance

    The latest signings to SolitiGhost of Jack Nance continue to tear it up with shows at SLOBFESTandSOLITIFEST. Look out for their debut EP for the label soon.

    11.07. SLOBFEST, Helsinki
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    Gim Kordon

    Gim Kordon continue to woo the world with their TOP 20 album Ei Ole Helppoo. The band play a few more shows, including a Radio Helsinki Summer club show and a slot at  Flow Festival.

    18.07. Ääniwalli, Helsinki (+ Teksti-TV 666, The Liebelings)
    06.08. Radio Helsingin Kesäklubi, Bar Loose, Helsinki
    10.08. Flow Festival, Helsinki
    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki

    The New Tigers

    There are rumors that The New Tigers have started work on album #3, so hopefully we’ll hear something soon. Amongst their shows this summer, The New Tigers appear at H2Ö Festival in Turku  this coming weekend.

    19.07. H2Ö, Turku 
    9.08. Kuutio- Kaupunkifestivaali , Kerava
    30.08. Solitifest, Helsinki

    Prince Of Assyria

    As well as being a late addition to SOLITIFESTPrince Of Assyria comes back to Finland this coming winter for some intimate shows. Latest album Changing Places see a European release this Autumn.

    30.08. SOLITIFEST, Helsinki
    05.11. Le Bonk, Helsinki
    06.11. Telakka, Tampere
    08.11. Bar Kuka, Turku
    7.11. Friday I’m in Love!, After Eight, Pietarsaari

    Most of these artists can be found on our latest compilation, Soliti Turns Three: Congratulations & Commiserations, which you can stream & download from here

    SOLITIFEST event page is here


  7. Black Twig - Summer Slow Down

    Black Twig’s second album Heliogram pushes forward the template they forged on debut Paper Trees by entering a softer, warmer world. More abrasive shoegaze has been replaced by contemplation. Whilst some of the guitar onslaught of Dinosaur Jr or MBV still exists within Heliogram’s design, a breezy acoustic hue brings in hints of sunnier days. Summer Slow Down, the second single from Heliogram recalls the most melodic aspects of Felt, The Clientele and the gentler moments of The Feelies.

    You can watch Black Twig’s first ever video (!!!), their self made Digital Super 8/mobile phone fuzzy roadmovie for Summer Slow Down


    (Source: youtube.com)



    Black Twig‘s Heliogram is out now in the German territories. Here is a selection of stores stocking Heliogram





    JPC (CD)

    JPC (Vinyl)




    Here you’ll find a selection of reviews for HeliogramOne ChordNordische MusikWhen You Motor AwayLie In The SoundSaarbrücker ZeitungPrefix MagArts Desk, Nordic Playlist


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    We’ve been missing the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the spontaneous and the fun of it all. So to make up for this, we’ve decided to throw a party. On the 30th August 2014 we’ll be having our own little festival day in Helsinki, SOLITI FEST.

    The festival will take place at Konttiaukio, and will feature live performances from :The New Tigers ,Astrid SwanBlack TwigBlack LizardBIG WAVE RIDERS,Gim KordonGhost Of Jack NanceDelay Trees, guest DJ’s and more.Oh yeah, and it’s free to get in. Yes you’re welcome. Mark this date in your diaries and tell everybody!


    Listen to all these artists over at our Soundloud page. More info:

    Soliti Fest poster design Teppo Meriläinen.

    (Source: solitimusic.com)


  10. Black Twig: On White (Swans At Tea EP version)

    “This is an early and a bit rougher version of On White. We recorded it for our first EP, which has been out of print for a long time. New version of the song can be found from our latest album “Heliogram”.