1. SOLITIFEST 30.08.2014

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    In case you need reminding, Soliti is having it’s own happening tomorrow (Saturday 30.08.2014), SOLITFEST at Kalasataman, Konttiaukio, Helsinki.

    Live sets from The New TigersAstrid Swan (duo), Black TwigBlack LizardBIG WAVE RIDERSGim KordonGhost Of Jack NanceDelay TreesPrince of Assyria. Dj sets from Rosvot. FREE ENTRY! Come and have some fun. It’s recommended you bring your own alcohol if you’re that way inclined, although there will be some food snacks and coffee to buy on site.

    Running times (get there early!)

    13:15 Big Wave Riders
    14:05 Delay Trees
    14:55 Astrid Swan (duo)
    15:45 Ghost Of Jack Nance
    16:35 Black Twig
    17:25 The New Tigers
    18:15 Prince Of Assyria
    19:05 Gim Kordon
    19:55 Black Lizard

    Finally we have an Soliti Instagram account and will be snapping pics of the crowd all day , follow us here to see if you make the cut!

    See you Tomorrow!



    We’re a couple of week’s away from the release date for SISTER FLO‘s majestic Tragician’s Hat 10th Anniversary re-issue (street date 12.09.2014). Tragician’s Hat will be available in three versions: double cd (Ltd to 500 copies), vinyl (Ltd to 300 copies) & digital. It will be the first time Tragician’s Hat appears on vinyl with the double cd release featuring the original album remastered  plus a plethora of outtakes and hard to find tracks: Proper Kites EP tracks and 5 (!) unreleased songs from the original album sessions, a radio spot and two live performances. All versions of the album come packaged with the wonderful original artwork by Ilja Karsikas.(NB: bonus cd tracks will only be available on the double cd package.)

    You can now pre-order Sister Flo‘s Tragician’s Hat Anniversary Edition from the following outlets:

    Record Store X CD & Vinyl

    CD:ON CD & Vinyl

    8 Raita CD & Vinyl


    Soliti Shop CD & Vinyl

    SISTER FLO: TRAGICIAN’S HAT Anniversary Edition (Soliti Retro 001)

    1. Four Souls
    2. White Noise  (listen)
    3. Bill And Jesus (Black)
    4. Shortcuts
    5. September + 2
    6. Guillotine
    7. Feathers
    8. Tina Turner Shitting Position
    9. They’d Better Build A Dam To Field Island
    10. Nathaniel & Isabel

    1. Tragician’s Hat (Radio Helsinki ad)
    2. All the Sunshine Comes From Your Smile (listen)
    3. Baby Love
    4. Plunder Island Turnaround
    5. Major III
    6. I’m Not Someone Who Can Break Your Heart
    7. Moustache
    8. Photo Is A Transformer
    9. First Plow Of The Winter
    10. Rumbanova
    11. Nathaniel & Isabel (Live)
    12. Bill and Jesus (Black) (Live)

    Listen to Sister Flo‘ s songs that inspired Tragician’s Hat playlist here, also via Soundi a 5/5 review for the reissue.

    Sister Flo on FB

    White Noise on NRGM’s song list


  4. Gim Kordon - Vladimir

    An open letter to Vladimir Putin from Gim Kordon:

    Take it easy Vladimir and let all the flowers bloom. We wonder how our neighbours treat their gay public? With terror? It’s likely our video would never be published in Russia, as you put the fear of god into any dissenting voices. To Quote Pussy Riot “What are you afraid of Vladimir?” Why not take it easy and join us in this dance.

    Personally, we here at Soliti have never seen Mr. Putin looking so good.


    Listen to Vladimir at Soundcloud


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  5. The Soliti T


  6. Prince Of Assyria - Bring Along Joy

    Second album Changing Places finds Prince of Assyria’s brand of Swedish melancholy stripped back to its musical and poetic essence.The dark psych-folk of singe Bring Along Joy could be, in an alternate universe, a close relative to the troubadour intensity of Tim Buckley.

    Ninos Dankha, the driving force behind Prince Of Assyria gives his thoughts on Bring Along Joy “This song is about the feeling of not being in control. Loosing your self to the unknown feeling of new emotions. It can be something that your body is yearning for, or even trying to get rid off. The confusing part in this state of mind, is recognition of love or just feel total submission to something I can´t understand…. it never stops growing, once you start thinking about it.”

    Video director Timo Wright describes the concept behind the video for Bring Along Joy: “The idea comes from love being a cloud; stormy weather, solid yet ethereal, rolling from the horizon, full on forms and interpretations.”


    (Source: youtube.com)



    (Soliti/Lumikki 030) Released date: 24th October 2014

    We’re proud to announce (and a little excited too) the release date for Manna‘s new album Blackbird.Blackbird is Manna’s most vulnerable album to date, featuring personal yet brave songs that push to the maximum the view that Manna’s music is from the heart and without boundaries. Blackbird‘s cover art reflects the album’s mood and theme with an illustration by Linda Linko.

    Blackbird will be released via Soliti in Finland on the 24th October 2014 on Vinyl, CD & Digital formats . Look out for a series of exclusive Manna live dates to accompany the release of the album this autumn.

    Confirmed dates so far:

    16.10. Lost In Music Festival, Tampere

    31.10. Korjaamo (Vaunusali), Helsinki (record release show)

    07.11. Klubi, Turku (+ Yona)

    29.11. Sellosali, Espoo

    05.12. Ritz, Vaasa

    Manna: Blackbird (Soliti/Lumikki 030)

    • 1. Blackbird
    • 2. Mobile
    • 3. Troublebirds
    • 4. Cripple woman’s waltz
    • 5. Winter’s song
    • 6. Heartbeat II
    • 7.  Your brittle bones are meant to shake
    • 8. Heartbeat I
    • 9. Reform / Outro

    Manna webpage





  8. Strange Cargo

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  9. Gim Kordon - Sä oot mun unelma beibe

    Trash the jukebox and revel in rebel youth. Gim Kordon bring the noise to Soliti.

    Soliti’s first Finnish language signing will release their debut album in the Spring of 2014.

    Helsinkiläistrio Gim Kordonin 90-luvun indiestä ja punkista ammentavat vaikutteet sulautuvat tuoreeksi ja oman kuuloiseksi sekoitukseksi surisevia kitaroita ja tarttuvaa popsensibiliteettiä. Rakkaus Dinosaur Jr:n ja Lemonheadsin kaltaisia nimiä kohtaan kuuluu paitsi bändin kitarasoundissa myös ajattomina popkoukkuina.

    Jo nimelläänkin alternative-ikoni Sonic Youthiin viittaavan Gim Kordonin ensimmäiset sinkkumaistiaiset Ei oo helppoo ja sielunvelimäisesti punkahtava Kaupunki tappaa sielunsa herättävät välittömän halun kuulla lisää. Kotimaisen nykyindien äänenkannattajana tunnetun levy-yhtiö Solitin tuorein kiinnitys julkaisee debyyttialbuminsa alkuvuodesta 2014 bändin herätettyä ansaittua kuhinaa musiikkipiireissä blogeja ja valtakunnallisia radioaaltoja myöten.

    Kotimaisille esikuvilleen kuten alkuaikojen Tehosekoittimelle, Karkkiautomaatille ja Eppu Normaalille kunniaa tekevä Gim Kordon herättää kuulijassaan sen innostuksen ja tunteen, joka syntyy uutta ja tuoretta musiikkia löytäessä.


    (Source: youtube.com)


  10. Gim Kordon

    picture by Rapila